Download PyChess

PyChess is available in a number of different formats. You can get it from source, from the package list below (the recommended method these days, as most distributions are slow to update their pychess packages), or from your distribution's repository. For more information, check out HowToInstall on the wiki.

  • Fedora / Red Hat / CentOS

    Simply run yum install pychess, or install the latest noarch.rpm from our package list.

  • Debian / Ubuntu

    Simply run apt-get install pychess, or install the latest deb from our package list.

  • Gentoo

    Simply run emerge pychess

  • Arch Linux

    Simply run pacman -S pychess

  • Slackware

    Go to and get slackbuild for pychess

  • Windows

    Simply install msi from our package list.