Download PyChess

PyChess is available in a number of different formats. You can get it from source, from tarballs or from the different linux repositories. For more information, check out HowToInstall on the wiki.


  • Fedora

    Simply run yum install pychess

  • Debian / Ubuntu

    Simply run apt-get install pychess

  • Gentoo

    Simply run emerge pychess

  • Arch Linux

    Simply run pacman -S pychess

  • Other

    You can download generic .rpm and .deb packages from our download list too.

  • OSX & Windows

    While there has been progress on porting PyChess to Windows, there are not currently any stable releases.

    The main issue is the way PyChess communicates with engines, which is built tightly around the unix process model. If feel like helping out, you are heartly welcommed to check You & PyChess, and specifically contact Leonardo Gregianin.